Dematech was founded in 1993 by Mario and Annemarie Delicio, two passionate and forward thinking business people with an in-depth understanding of beverage industries, especially in the African context. Since its beginning, Dematech has had offices in numerous African countries. Today Dematech has two main offices in Cape Town, South Africa and Nairobi, Kenya with presence in several other locations including Ethiopia, Nigeria and Angola. This diverse footprint allows Dematech easy access to all countries on the African continent to provide focused and specialised services. This coupled with a focus on an after sales service network is what has made the company so successful.


Mario Delicio


This is our head honcho, the heart of the business and the man with all of the ideas. Mario is the driving force behind Dematech. He is a kind-hearted business man that is very passionate about the environment and our green footprints.

Annemarie Delicio


Annemarie has the ability to find creative solutions to every aspect of the business. She is clear and thoughtful in her solutions as well as kind and generous to the team.

Romina Gagerro Delicio

Financial Assistant/ HR and Sales

Romina drives inspiration, growth and productivity throughout the entire team. She is highly dynamic and a natural born leader. You will always find Romina with a smile on her face.

Birgit Roessner

Financial Manager

Birgit is our no-nonsense German accountant. She is highly intelligent, hardworking, dedicated and has the ability to keep all the figures where they are supposed to be

Anaia Dos Santos

Front of House

Anaia is our very welcoming face of Dematech. She is a renowned nature lover, who is cool and calm and always willing to help.

Sebastian Meyer


Sebastian is the technical support for all of us. He knows everything you could possibly want to know about beer (from his years of experience drinking it.). He is also Dematech’s sense of humour and keeps us all laughing and in stitches.

Danie Wilsenach

Service Engineer

Danie is our very capable and reliable (also friendly) service engineer. If you need something done or fixed quickly, Danie is your guy. He has years of practical experience under his (handyman) belt and keeps everything on the go.

Dieter Stapelberg

Project Manager

Dieter is a helpful and very approachable mechanical designer. He is our very talented engineering and CAD drawing support who also happens to have a great sense of humour.

Elke Garni

Export & Import / Admin

Elke is known as the mamma-bear in the house and deals with all of our import and exports, she has a warm heart and helps everyone grow and meet their full potential. She is always willing to go the extra mile and is a fantastic teacher and beautiful human.

Nicole Bader

Export & Import / Admin

Nicole is our go-to lady for everything import and export related. Her understanding of the topic makes her highly proficient and is known as the “import guru”. As well as being a very good listener, she is also very kind hearted, compassionate and warm.

Talyah Miller

Export & Import / Admin

Talyah always has her hand on the pulse when it comes to our import and exports. She’s our go-to lady for quotes on the run. On top of being highly capable, she also brings a cheerful, fun and comical vibe to the office. You will always find yourself laughing when Talyah is around.

Bianca Luetjohann

PA to MD

Bianca has some serious super powers. She is the only one who really understands the boss. She is our multi-tasking queen and has next level calmness and patience. Bianca is organized, precise and completely selfless and caring.

Pamela Masters

Sales Representative with Honors in Food Science (Chemistry)

Pamela is our lady with the flavours and is always on top of her game. She is highly intelligent, dynamic and level headed. Pamela is also a lovely and caring person who is always willing to help anyone and everyone.

Ursula Deyzel

Creative Design & Marketing

Ursula is our friendly creative strategizer and designer, she’s the artsy fartsy one and deals with our branding, social media and marketing. She’s highly adaptive, dedicated and enthusiastic.