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How to make beer at home
7th August 2020
| Ursula Phillips, Cape Town


Homebrewing used to be reserved typically for grizzly craft beer drinkers that setup tanks, vessels and boiling pots all over their yards and posted pictures to social media of their beering finesse. But now with the current alcohol ban in South Africa, pretty much every person older than 18 that enjoys drinking a crispy cold one has now received a certain level of brewing ex

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Cooking with Craft Beer: Oktoberfest Style
8th July 2020
| Chris and Milena Perrine

At bevPLUS, (if you haven't noticed yet) we LOVE our beer. Beer science, beer knowledge, beer festivals - you name it!

So, when Chris and Milena Perrine from Craftbeering contacted us to chat about the Oktoberfest and cooking with beer, well of course we had to get involved. Check out their knowledge below on cooking with craft beer: Oktoberfest style! 

Drooling alert: The

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Cleaning your new Dema-Craft
22nd June 2020
| Bevplus

So, you have your hands on our latest 60L Dema-Craft? Good Job!

[Watch] Now let's chat about cleaning & sanitising.

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Going dry during lockdown? How to brew non-alcoholic beer
12th May 2020
| Stefan Wiswedel


The challenge of brewing a non-alcoholic beer...

In this crazy time we find ourselves in, with the ban on liquor sales in South Africa coupled with the fact that many of us want to live healthier lives, many people would like to try their hand at brewing non-alcoholic beer. But what exactly is non-alcoholic beer and how do I make it? 

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