Dematech was founded in 1993 by Mario and Annemarie Delicio, two passionate and forward thinking business people with an in-depth understanding of beverage industries, especially in the African context. Since its beginning, Dematech has had offices in numerous African countries. Today Dematech has two main offices in Cape Town, South Africa and Nairobi, Kenya with presence in several other locations including Ethiopia, Nigeria and Angola. This diverse footprint allows Dematech easy access to all countries on the African continent to provide focused and specialised services. This coupled with a focus on an after sales service network is what has made the company so successful.



Mario Delicio


This is our Chief, the heart of the business and the man with all of the ideas. Mario is the driving force behind Dematech. He is a kind-hearted business man that is very passionate about the environment and our green footprints

Annemarie Delicio


Annemarie has the ability to find creative ideas to every aspect of the business. She is clear and thoughtful in her solutions as well as kind and generous, not to mention that she is always dropping off delicious chocolate and treats for the team!

Bjoern Graser

COO Dematech Africa

Bjoern has 18 years in the beverage industry, he is a hardworking, result oriented driven yet fun loving person. He loves swimming, camping and bush safari's. He is also a bonafide Brew Master and grows the craft brewing industry.

Romina Gaggero Delicio

Financial Assistant/ HR and Sales

Romina drives inspiration, growth and productivity throughout the entire team. She is highly dynamic and a natural born leader. You will always find Romina with a smile on her face.

Anaia Dos Santos

Front of House - Head Office (Cape Town)

Front of House and face of Dematech (Lty) Ltd, Anaia handles the admin, communications and reception. She is always cool and calm under pressure.

Banshebi Tejiwe

Sales Manager - Ethiopia

Banshebi handles all of the sales at our Ethiopia branch. He makes sure that our Ethiopian clients receive assistance and guidance with all of their turn-key needs.

Birgit Roessner

Financial Manager - Head Office (Cape Town)

Birgit is our no-nonsense German accountant. She is intelligent, hardworking, dedicated and has the ability to keep all the figures where they are supposed to be.

David Lubanga

Warehouse Assistant - Kenya

David is in charge of organising the safe and efficient receipt, storage and dispatch of warehoused goods. He loves providing solutions whenever there is a problem. Camping and game drives are his favourite activities.

Elaine Wambui

Sales Manager - Kenya

Elaine is our Kenya Sales Manager and has been in the beverage industry for over 13 Years. Elaine loves building things in her workshop and interacting with fellow brewers. She is also now a bonafide Brew Master, growing craft brewing in East Africa

Elke Garni

Export Procurement Specialist

Elke is known as the mamma-bear in the house and deals with all of our import and exports, she has a warm heart and helps everyone grow and meet their full potential. She is always willing to go the extra mile and is a fantastic teacher and beautiful human.

Nicole Bader

Import & Export / Procurement Specialist

Nicole is our go-to lady for everything import and export related. Her understanding of the topic makes her highly proficient and is known as the “import guru”. As well as being a very good listener, she is also very kind hearted, compassionate and warm.

Talyah Miller

Key Account Manager

Talyah always has her hand on the pulse when it comes to our import and exports. She’s our go-to lady for quotes on the run. On top of being highly capable, she also brings a cheerful, fun and comical vibe to the office. You will always find yourself laughing when Talyah is around.

Thandokazi Magadla

Office Organiser - Head Office (Cape Town)

Thandokazi is our amazing office organiser and is responsible for the upkeep of the Cape Town HQ. She has the wonderful ability of keeping everyone smiling.

Kim Dreyer

Accounts & Administration

Kim performs a variety of accounting duties for our Kenya Branch. She also keeps her hand on all stock numbers in our Cape Town Warehouse. She loves meeting new people, learning new things and enjoys challenges.

Catherine Oyugi

Admin/Finance Assistant

Catherine is our Admin Finance assistant with a background in statutory compliance. She brings her can-do attitude and willingness to try new things to everything she does. When not immersed in numbers and regulations, you will find her getting creative with crafting and finding the humour in everyday situations.

Byron Damonze

Head Brewer

Byron Damonze is an accomplished brewer with over seven years of experience in the South African brewing industry. Since 2014, Byron has honed his craft, developing a deep passion for creating unique and delicious brews. His dedication and commitment to excellence have earned him multiple awards, and he continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in the brewing world. Whether it's perfecting a classic recipe or experimenting with new flavors and techniques, Byron's expertise and creativity make him an invaluable asset to any team or project

Valerie Oyugi

Sales Manager - Kenya

Valerie is our East African Sales Manager, she's a perfect balance between introvert and extrovert and is passionate about her sales! She loves the outdoors (but definitely not camping). You can always find Valerie laughing.

Luvo Bulukwana

Brewery Assistant – Head office (Cape Town)

Luvo is a hard-working brewery assistant at Dematech (Pty) Ltd. He always has a smile on his face and is always friendly and kind. He is a problem solver and enjoys helping our head brewer with everything that needs to be done and goes the extra mile.

Tafadzwa Nyambo

Brewery Assistant – Head office (Cape Town)

Tafadzwa is passionate about brewing and His ambition is to become an excellent brewer. He is willing to assist with anything that is required. Tafadzwa is eager to learn more and explore new things as well as travel the world.

Kim Turton

Design & Marketing – Head office (Cape Town)

Kim handles our marketing & graphic design as well as organizes the backend side of our website and social media platforms. She is a team player that enjoys bringing any vision to life with her creativity and passion for design.

Gerrit Schoeman

Head Brewer

Gerrit is our head brewer with extensive experience in the craft beer industry, living in Stellenbosch in the heart of the beautiful Cape Winelands. He has worked with a wide variety of brewing machines ranging from a fully manual 250L plant to a fully automated 3000L plant. Gerrit enjoys hiking in nature as well as kayaking along Cape Town’s coastal waters.

Sisa Moyo

Office Administrator

Sisa is a team player, and an office administrator at our Cape Town branch. She has a very calm personality and a positive attitude to professional development. Naturally multi-talented, she enjoys exploring new things.